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Elevate Head of Bed

Little Johnny walked in to find the new bed his parents had just purchased already set up. Grandma would be staying for a few months while she recuperated from her broken hip and broken leg. His parents had picked the bed out at a medical supply store, and had it delivered while he was at the hospital visiting. Now, she would be arriving in few hours.

Mom and Dad had never seen a bed quite like this one. The medical supply store had turned out to be more of an old antique shop. But inside, they found the bed waiting among a treasure trove of other antiques. Although they were looking for an adjustable bed, this bed had blocks under the legs and a foam wedge to help raise the head higher. But the old hand-carved wooden canopy bedposts were very attractive. They talked to the owner to make sure the foam mattress would be suitable for Grandma since she also suffered from ulcers and had emphysema that made it difficult to breath at night. He reassured them that this was just the bed for her.

The doctor had advised that Grandma get plenty of bed rest while recuperating. He suggested a number of types of mattresses, including an inflatable mattress and one with an electric vibrating massage. He explained that risers were more difficult to use in raising the head of the bed for granny, but that they were very cheap. Likewise, the foam wedges that slip under the mattress to raise the head were not expensive, but were not much good for making fine adjustments. They still wanted to get a bed that was therapeutic for her, and one that she could use to elevate the head up or down. The doctor thought that was fine and wrote a prescription so that insurance would cover the cost. Unfortunately, the shop didn't take their insurance and they were would have to fill out the reimbursement claim form to get their money. That's what they were doing when little Johnny crawled into bed with Grandma.

Mom and Dad were talking about how glad they were that Grandma didn't have a hiatal hernia, acid reflux, or GERD. Asthma would have been even worse, but her breathing problem was not asthma related. However, her nocturnal cough could be helped by elevating the bed with a frame insert, which is what they finally decided to use. It wouldn't be adjustable, but that and the old frame seemed like a perfect combination.
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